Turn UP the lights, Don’t turn them off, not if you have one of these Strip wheels!

Just 4 x fortnightly payments of 21.25 per fortnight.

Flexible 10M LED music compatible, colour controlled app synced LED lights with Phone App access *Waterproof*

Are you transforming your bedroom? Need something a little different? Blue lights under the couch or a Yellow back light behind your TV? Maybe even an outdoor patio covered in bright changing lights, or maybe you’re having a party, Maybe you’re listening to your favourite spotify playlist and you’re Syncing your Phone to the beat with flashing rainbows, or perhaps you’re laying in tranquillity in a meditation in a soft green light to increase productivity for your day ahead. You can be creative, and innovative with these in your home.

Our 10M LED light strip comes with instructions and Ap navigation to help set you up.