Picture this,

Nightfall hits, You've got a hot cup of tea, you make One better choice in order to have a better tomorrow,
(in-fact Charles Duhigg explains this method in the power of habit, one of the
best selling personal development books)

You break the one habit we all have, its scrolling through your news feed,
watching one more episode of that tv series. Consuming more content than oxygen beforeyou sleep and one more far fetched sci-fi story line and waking up like zombie howlingfor a coffee the next day.

What does ANY of this have to do with the galaxy projector? Did I click the wrong link?

The galaxy Projector Reduces Mental strain with a soothing nebula cloud leaving you
to focus on nothing but the slowly fading stars.
You can sync your projector to move at the same pace as your meditation music choosing
from 16 colour combination's and three brightness levels.

The remote control is just by your bed, you have three options and only ONE is going tobreak the habits.

We don't want to just sell you a product, we want to be along side in breaking your
habits and giving you a proven down time method.

Remember this and read it three times.

After Dinner / Wine down -
Cue/Habit: Reaches for phone or put's on a Movie.
Reaction: I will not be able to give my mind enough time off to re-focus on my goals.
New action: Reach for your remote to your galaxy projector.

You'll want to scroll or watch the final ending of the show but answer that desire with:
" I will Make a better choice Today for a better tomorrow." Can scrolling more or the
end of that tv series give you that satisfaction of a better tomorrow? No.

This process is a completely guilt free ,and a self love technique. You value your Brain's
hard work that day and you're filling it with light therapy and visual sensory as it

The details and spec's are below, but breaking this habit and replacing it with this
starts at developing a visual sensory of your projector.

You should know ,we have a one year warranty, fast shipping, strategy & product.

If you are a short term person and don't like to invest long term into your life, then
this product is NOT for you, its for the beast's of the world conquering themselves as
their only competition for a better tomorrow. FOUR in every TEN Australians have inadequate sleep. Only ONE in 10 do something to change it. 

  • Instant Light Therapy
  • Appropriate For All Ages
  • Replicates Starry night
  • 4 Settings 
  • App Operated
  • Instantly Calming
  • Safe To Use

    Classification of lasers: class 3R
    Laser wavelength: 523nm
    LED power: 5W
    Nebula color: Colorful(controllable monochrome)
    Shell material: ABS material
    Energy consumption: Less than 10W
    Input power: 100-240vac/60Hz 150mA
    Out power: 5V Max.1A 5W CV
    Applicable environment: Indoor Home Theater Restaurant Bar Cafe
    Operating temperature:10℃~60℃ degree celsius
    Projection coverage: 550 feet
    Product size: 170 mm x 90 mm x 170 mm
    Power cord length: 1 M