90's baby Lolly box!

Box Includes: 

1 x Trolli Pizza

3 x Zombie Chews

1 x Fruit Roll Ups 

1 x Hubba Bubba Tape 

1 x Ring Pop 

1 x Spaceman

1 x Gold Nuggets 

1 x Crazy Dip

1 x Push Pop

1 x Thumb Dippers 

1 x Grape Lollies 

1 x Magic Sweet Roll

Assorted Lolly pops

*Please note, on the rare occasion we are out of stock on some items, we will replace them with an item similar, we will also email you in this instance. 

*If the box is ordered singularly and not with a Movie Bundle pack or Item from our electronics section, we will send it out with in 24hours.

*If you order this item WITH a movie bundle pack or electronics item, we will send it out with the products. (refer to about us page for shipping times) 

* If you want this sweets box and your electronics sent separately, please order them both separate as this will let us know to send this box out first and your electronic goods will leave the warehouse after 5 business days.