The 3D ANDROID Compact Projector 2.0

Our sleek styled matte black Compact Projector Series 2.0 is an LED 4K HD 3D Digital Projector.  It features 1080 pixels, 2400 Lumens, manual focus & screen projection size of up to 156 inches. Our Compact Projector 2.0 is our Only 3D  Projector adding a whole new screening experience for everybody. 

This Projector has Apps already installed for easy screening and is compaitble to all phones via bluetooth and Hotspots.

A projector that can be used for Business, Education and Leisure, we of course suggest having the ultimate movie night! 

The Compact Projector 2.0 is portable and can be moved between locations easily,
Given its Matte black coat which we have tailored to look like a ornament wherever its placed. This projector is for those of you who love a bit of Décor to.